Reflections of a Man | An Insight

Reflections of a Man by Amari Soul– another book I would always want to read over and over again.


Reflections of a Man was the first book I have read this year, 2018.  I heard a lot of good feedbacks regarding this book, and also, my friend, Paula recommended it.  So I got interested and decided to read it.  The first phrases I read was the one written at the back of the book.  Mr Amari Soul said;

“When a woman stands with her back to the wind and her face to the sun, raises her head, then exhales and finally lets go, that is a powerful moment for her.  So many feelings run through her body at that time.  She feels happy, yet saddened; excited, yet afraid about the chapter to come.  But the one thing she knows for sure is, she is finally free to find her own happiness.” ~ Mr. Amari Soul

The last sentence from the paragraph above moved me the most, every woman wants to finally find her own happiness.  I could somehow relate with it. 😜  So I felt the eagerness to read it more and swim with the flood of  factual and emotional ideas that every woman like me needs to know.  

This book is for both men and woman.  An encouragement to enhance the quality of their personal relationships.  I find it very useful and informative especially for a Man who wants to know more about the emotional needs of a woman.  

And for a woman, who wants to know about true love, and to realize the true value of herself and the standards she deserves, to not settle for less.

I personally fell in love with this beautiful book, because it will not persuade you, it will not just explain the things you do not know about yourself value,  but it will let you engage with the book and will make you realize that, YOU. ARE. WORTHY

You will feel more thirsty at every turn of the page.  Every phrases, every paragraph, every sentence, every word and every detail would linger in you whole being as a woman.  It will give you the will to know your worth and to know what a good woman is capable of.

In this book, you will realize your past relationship’s true situation.  It will make you discern and realize the real color of a wrong man, in a wrong relationship.  You may think that your past affairs, or your present situation are just a normal kind of relationship.  However in this book, it will make you realize the true meaning of a good relationship. 

I wanted to pick the best quotes or phrases from the book and paste it here, but I just couldn’t choose anything, because everything is beautiful.  I recommend that you read the book and see for yourself how awesome and realistic the writer is conveying.

This book is a must-read.  After reading this book, I have realized and with my own perception,  Men needs not to be Dominant with women for we are all equally created by God, with same rights.

According to the Bible, in Genesis 1:27 “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female He created them.”


Have a blessed day! ☺️


❤️ Xiao

via Daily Prompt: Dominant


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